On-demand dedicated professionals and managed project teams.

Scale your business with our world-class experts or leverage a custom built managed team for your next project.

Without the right partner, you could be investing time and money hiring the wrong people.

When you don’t have the right people for the job, your brand integrity is at stake. Building trust demands one solid voice for customer engagement. And building a new in-house team to hold down the fort can be a painful process of trial and error. You don’t need to do this on your own. 

Running a wholesale business and online business at the same time is not a small task. After bringing on Yehoshua, he has taken the whole digital operations over and rehauled our Channel Advisor account, pushed thousands of new products to all channels, and managed to set up a whole outsourced marketing team for all our online assets.”
Jordan Wachtel, Owner, Bereli Inc.

What do you need?

We vet, hire, and integrate your existing workforce with our professionals
to get your projects into top gear.

Hire World-Class Talent

JiveHire recruits contractors for business, design and technology talent worldwide for long-term or project-based contracts. 

Our consultants take the time to find the best person for the job so you don’t have to. JiveHire will find you on demand professionals in the following capacities:

Build Amazing Teams, on Demand

Our experienced project consultants build a fully managed team of the world’s top experts to deliver the highest quality solutions, for your most urgent business needs.  

Scale your business by quickly assembling teams you need in the following industries:

Your Strategic Partner for Remote Staffing Solutions

Hand it all over to JiveHire

JiveHire will hire and manage the best remote employees and teams to meet your needs and budget. Build a strategic partnership with us to make the most of your existing team and JiveHire’s complete business and staffing solutions.

Team Management and Integration

You’re as involved as much as you want to be. JiveHire can hire and manage an entirely new team for you. We can also build a team to integrate with your in-house staff with one manager on our side to interact with your company. It’s really up to you.

Scale Your Business

You might need a small marketing team that focuses on email. You may want someone to take over your entire ecommerce operation. You may need different teams at different times. JiveHire provides scalable, fitting solutions for any small, medium or large business. We give you the resources you need - no more, no less.

Approved for Hire

We vet all JiveHire candidates to make sure they are up to par and can perform to the standard you need. Concentrate on growing your business and leave the daily grind to the professionals.

Team Management

JiveHire keeps tabs on your team using our proven management processes, minimizing outsourcing risks. We make sure the work gets done according to the highest standards, on time with hands-on team management so you don’t have to.

Scale Your Business

JiveHire globally recruits for our talent pool. You’ll find the right people for the job with JiveHire. Scale your business by adding a completely new team or integrating a new team with your existing one.

A Strategic Partnership

JiveHire isn’t just another service provider. We have decades of business development and project management experience. Our team will learn your business, help define a strategy and apply our resources to push your business to the heights of success.

Cut Your Costs

Outsourcing can save a business a tremendous amount of money. But that’s only if the professionals you hire operate with your best interests in mind - otherwise, it’s not worth the damage it can do to your reputation. With JiveHire, you can be confident that you’re doing the right thing for your bottom line.

Efficiency Maximized

When a JiveHire professional is on the clock, he or she is dedicated to making sure you’re getting the most for your time and money. We constantly revisit operational processes to ensure they meet the changing needs of your business. It’s the JiveHire work ethic.

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